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Niagara Fire Protection

Niagara Fire Protection provides fire extinguisher sales and inspections as well as Fire Safety Plans for Fire Code Regulations and Compliance. 

niagara fire protectionNiagara Fire Protection, owned by Wendy Bonenfant was established to service the growing demand for fire extinguisher sales, installation, service and monthly, quarterly and annual inspections.  

Fire Safety Plans are also required documents for certain commercial properties. Niagara Fire Protection provides you with the documents required by your local Fire Department for your business' fire safety plan. Fire Safety Plan boxes are also available through Niagara Fire Protection. 

Are you prepared for a fire emergency? Do you have an escape plan?

Knowing what to do in a fire emergency is critical.. Niagara Fire Protection can assist you with an APPROVED Fire Safety Plan and training.

What is a Fire Safety Plan?

A fire safety plan is a complex document, often required by law, that describes the procedures for preparedness and response to fire emergencies. A well-written plan protects building occupants and business stakeholders by increasing safety and reducing liability A fire safety plan is required by all provincial fire codes based on building use or occupancy types. Usually, the owner of a building is responsible for the creation and placement of a fire safety plan. After the plan has been prepared, it must be submitted to the Chief Fire Official or authority having jurisdiction for approval. During a fire emergency, a copy of the approved fire safety plan must be available for the responding fire departments use.

Most of commercial and some residential buildings require a Fire Safety Plan. It is the responsibility of the owner to have a plan in place and to follow its procedures and recommendations.

Niagara Fire Protection will design a custom Fire Safety Plan for your building or place of business, will provide you with all required drawings, paperwork and equipment. We design Fire Safety Plans for all kinds of occupancies including residential, commercial, institutional, industrial, care facilities, and restaurants. Each fire safety plan is customized to the individual facility. 

In order to design fire safety plans for your business, we will complete a thorough site audit of your location and catalogue the fire safety equipment and resources available. Working with your existing site and floor plan, we customize fire safety plans to mirror the unique configuration of your location and recommend the most efficient emergency procedures. Evacuation routes and fire safety equipment locations will also be marked on your detailed floor plans and schematics. Our professionals will also manage the entire process of submitting your fire safety plan to local fire departments for review and approval.

We will make sure that our Fire Safety Plan meets all requirements of Ontario Fire Code. We will work with your local Fire Department to ensure your plan is accepted.

Niagara Fire Protection can also provide fire safety boxes.

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What Our Clients Say...

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  • Rob informed us of current regulations, inspected and replaced expired extinguishers, tested our emergency lighting and replaced a faulty smoke detector with a dual smoke/carbon monoxide detector. Efficient and at an affordable price.
    ~ Bill McGee, Bill McGee Auto


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